A Day of “Youthfulness”

While the kids have today and tomorrow left of school, my partner and I have the week off. Today, we decided to go “live it up” a bit and have a day date.

We went to a place nearby that has a restaurant, bowling, and an arcade. I got a wonderful lunch and then we played a couple games of bowling. I got a whopping high score of 59! HA! My partner was able to pull off a 99. You can tell we don’t go bowling much.

However, the arcade was the most fun. We played ski ball, shot some hoops, shot some zombies, won some Wizard of Oz game where you drop coins and such to push items off the edge… It was a fantastic time. I’m ready to go back – we’re going to have to take the kids soon. 🙂

Photo snagged from the internet with a search for “arcade” – not the actual arcade we went to, but the setup was very similar.

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