Transphobia in my Inbox

So, let’s talk about harassment. I don’t really want to much – except for the fact that I received a harassing message last night from someone I have not seen in years. It was filled with transphobic accusations and theories. It almost felt as if a QANON talking point list was being spewed at me or something, I don’t know. I’m going to share the screenshots with you below. Please note: MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING for these.

First of all, this person knows nothing about my child’s medical history or any decisions we are making medically. Nor is it any of his business.

Second of all, a lot of these things he is saying are just not true. Nobody is trying to do sex-changing surgery on children. That is an adult decision. Hormone changes are completely separate from surgery, and while I understand that some people may have concerns about it- there is nothing wrong with moving forward with hormone treatment for a child that is going through puberty and developing a body that makes them want to die.

I would rather have a child who needs to reverse hormone changes than a dead child. My daughter was incredibly suicidal prior to coming out. As are many trans youth.

Why would anyone be comfortable sending this to a person in general let alone someone they have not spoken to in 10+ years? Why do people think that this is okay? Why does anyone think I CHOSE to have a trans child? Why does anyone thinks anyone CHOOSES to be trans? Why would anyone choose that life for themselves or their children? It is a scary life filled with facing people like this. Facing ignorance and hatred.

This person’s profile says that they are working to become a psychotherapist. I sure hope that doesn’t happen, for the sake of everyone else.

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