Five Uplifting Songs That You Need In Your Playlist

It’s been a rough year or five, so we all need a little something to get us moving again. Something to remind us that we have some motivation to not only get through the next day but through the next few days, weeks, years. You can do this, but sometimes you just need that reminder.

Here are some songs that you should add to your playlist today to help get your head in the right space:

“Brighter Tomorrow” – Soul Swingers

Life hurts today, but there’s always a chance of a brighter tomorrow. If you want to get down while shopping, put some pep in your step for an afternoon walk, vibe while cleaning, or just get some help through the tears you’re wiping off your face – check this one out.

“I Will Go On” – National Park Radio

One time I saw them at my first ever “house concert” that was in a friend of a friend’s big house. It was incredible. I highly recommend – and also recommend booking them for a house or park concert near you. Great live show.

“Glad I Tried” – Matt and Kim

This song just makes me want to do shit and keep going. Check it out.

“This Is Me” – Keala Settle

If you haven’t seen Greatest Showman, I do highly recommend it but you certainly don’t need it as a prerequisite to enjoy this song. If you’ve ever felt like the world was trying to shut you out in one way or another, you’ll identify with this song. I feel like this should be on everyone’s playlist in 2023 because we’re going through it for sure.

“Roar” – Katy Perry

I don’t care if you’re a big footballer or wrestler, a small child, a lawyer in your office, an activist on your way to the courthouse, someone serving up some tasty fries, or what – you’re gonna “Roar” with me and power through that day. You are AWESOME!

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Prompt: Top 5 Grocery Store Items

List your top 5 grocery store items.

-Pasta – because you can’t go wrong with pasta. Duh.

Frozen burritos – Mom of the year right here. These are a favorite go-to for the kids when they’re hungry and want something quick. Need a snack a couple hours before dinner? Have a burrito. Winter break and I’m working? Burrito. LOL At least the kids love them…

Potatoes – breakfast potatoes, soup, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc. You just have to have potatoes.

-Bread – sandwiches, toast, grilled cheese, bread and butter, etc. It’s great having bread around. Definitely a staple. I often bought wheat – but now I mostly buy white or sourdough.

-Minced Garlic – so many things that I cook have garlic in them. Minced garlic is a staple in my fridge!

A Day of “Youthfulness”

While the kids have today and tomorrow left of school, my partner and I have the week off. Today, we decided to go “live it up” a bit and have a day date.

We went to a place nearby that has a restaurant, bowling, and an arcade. I got a wonderful lunch and then we played a couple games of bowling. I got a whopping high score of 59! HA! My partner was able to pull off a 99. You can tell we don’t go bowling much.

However, the arcade was the most fun. We played ski ball, shot some hoops, shot some zombies, won some Wizard of Oz game where you drop coins and such to push items off the edge… It was a fantastic time. I’m ready to go back – we’re going to have to take the kids soon. 🙂

Photo snagged from the internet with a search for “arcade” – not the actual arcade we went to, but the setup was very similar.

Marriage Protection

Today, I’m thankful that this happened:

Biden signs into law same-sex marriage bill

I can’t believe it is 2022 and we still had/have any debate on whether same-sex marriage or interracial marriage should be protected under law.

I can’t believe it is 2022 and we are attacking transgender youth for wanting to exist without harassment. That we are not ensuring all minority groups can easily vote. That we are not past hating one another for bullshit reasons.

While this headline is a major win and a step in the right direction, I can’t help but wonder – is it too little too late? Are we still moving in a direction towards hate and division? Will humanity ever just get over itself and be kind to people? Invest in ourselves and our planet?

It’s hard to have hope, but today – let’s take the win.


I guess I’m not necessarily fleeing my mom (or my wonderful grandma) but I am looking for a little independence, a place to express myself, and perhaps a bit more anonymity in my sharing.

When creating a blog, apparently, one must ask, “What do I write about?” I’m still asking myself that but I decided to start with a topic that I live and breathe each day – being a parent.

I’m a mother of two wonderful, beautiful daughters. Since this is “anonymous” to a degree and I don’t have to worry about outing anybody in this way – I’ll share that my oldest daughter is a trans teen. So as you can imagine, life has been tricky lately. The world isn’t kind to everyone and, unfortunately, trans youth are the getting dealt a pretty shit hand in the media/politics at the moment. Our family worries everyday – though I can get into that more in the future.

I’m sure along this blog-starting adventure, you’ll watch me navigate my thoughts and I’ll be all over the place for a bit. I would love to exercise my writing here and grow in this space.

It should be a fun new start. If it was a perfect world, I’d gain a few followers and few nice comments along the way. In reality, I’ll probably get some troll comments if anything at all. Whatever happens, I’m going to give it a shot.

Future posts to come regarding:

-LGBTQ+ Rights

-LGBTQ+ Parents / Parenting

-Peaceful Parenting

-Parenting Mishaps

-Trans Youth

-Thoughts / Expression of a Parent

-Family Drama

-Growth and Learning


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